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Caleb Clark

Caleb Clark

Financial Professional

Caleb Clark’s journey began in North Manchester, Indiana.  After graduating from Purdue University in 2009, he embarked on a path that began to shape his future and touch countless lives, joining the ranks of law enforcement as an Indiana State Trooper.  Caleb spent 11 years immersed in a world where the consequences of poor decision-making were all too evident.  His interactions with people amidst their most agonizing life events equipped him to be able to apply logic over emotions while maintaining empathy and an uncanny ability for stepping into the shoes of others. 

As Caleb and his wife, Jessica, began their own family, the importance of financial planning and budgeting became increasingly apparent.  He and Jessica envisioned a future filled with dreams and aspirations, which motivated Caleb to delve deeper into the realm of personal finance.  His interest in all things financial grew into an unwavering passion that ultimately propelled him into a career as a financial professional with cfd. 

Caleb now serves as his clients’ trusted partner, dedicated to safeguarding their financial well-being.  Understanding that individuals have unique goals and aspirations, he works diligently to transform dreams into attainable realities.  Witnessing the profound impact of wise decision-making firsthand, Caleb recognizes the crucial role a trustworthy professional plays in securing one’s financial health.  

Caleb eagerly awaits success stories from his clients – whether it be the purchase of a cherished vacation home, a child or grandchild’s fully-funded college education, an idyllic tropical anniversary trip, or a generous charitable contribution as a result of a prudent plan.  He sees serving as an adviser as another avenue through which he can serve his community.  He firmly believes that a well-crafted plan has the potential to empower generations, fostering transformative change for our children’s grandchildren and beyond.